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Comic for September 2005

(C)2005 Kathi Pickett/Skykin Grove
Digi and Breimh (c) themselves





Still getting by!

We've surpassed 500 hits on the site. Thanks for all the repeat visitors!

I've added a FAQ to the site... but as y'all are so quiet *looks around to make sure there are still folks out there* I've made up my own questions. If there is a question you feel would clear things up, use the e-mail link!

This month's strip is inspired by our real life refrigerator, which has reportedly snagged hair from both Breimh and Digi (before Digi cut his hair). It's never happened to me... this behavior I usually leave to my car.

As for the last panel... yeah, I cheated. Won't be the first, won't be the last. I'll be using photographs as artistic aids in comics to come.

Speaking of which, I've successfully drawn out comics to last until June of next year. Most are scanned. I'm sure you're all happy to hear that! It means I've been busy, and I won't have an excuse not to update!