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Buddies in  Big Places - By Seth Triggs


Bugs - By Den Whitton


Comic for August 2005

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Still Going Strong!

We've surpassed 200 hits on the site. Thanks for all the repeat visitors!

You'll notice the difference in the layout. I've moved onward and upward from Netscape Composer to FrontPage, so I can do more with the site, and decided to change colors. Green is my favorite color.

You may have also noticed an interruption in service near the end of July. That was because I was moving my domain, Gemicon.com, from one hosting service to another. The old service had changed so much in the last decade and was no longer providing satisfactory service. So, I decided to hunt around and chose Hare Link to host our pages. The price was reasonable, and there were many added extras (such as 500 e-mail addresses that I could administrate myself) that just weren't provided by our old service.

I also accidentally prepaid for a year of service... so I'm there at least until July 2006. It is possible that Digi will be able to set up a local server for a domain for Skykin Grove, so watch my LiveJournal for announcements!