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Comic for October 2005

(C)2005 Kathi Pickett/Skykin Grove
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Readership Growing - I think!

We've surpassed 700 hits on the site. Thanks for all the repeat visitors!

I know some of you are friends who would read any kind of tripe I put out because you care. ;)

I would really like to know if any of you are new readers, who don't know me online or otherwise. How did you hear about the comic? What do you think about it? Is it worth continuing? Drop me a line on e-mail or on the forum. We don't spam you. Really. Honest.

Oh, and a note for all of you. I will be at Conifur 2005. But, not as a seller. I will be working as staff and as a game master demonstrating Sanguine's Furry Fantasy Role Playing games, Ironclaw and Jadeclaw. This means my ample behind will be in the game room pretty much all the time. Stop by and say "hi"! Sit in a game if there's still room!

Heads up, next month a new face will appear in Skykin Grove. Tune in to see who I pick on next!