Riding The Wind Towards the Future

Starfleet International Region 5

NCC 72707  USS Aurora                                 

Nova-Class Science Scout


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Intership Announcements
Stardate 200909.13

The USS Aurora celebrates it's first year since it's launch.

Stardate 200905.08

Members of the USS Aurora are joined by members of the USS Thermopylae and the IKV Tamar appear as guests to see the premier of the newest Star Trek movie in Bellevue, WA.


Stardate 200904.11

The USS Aurora Deploys as a Full Chapter in STARFLEET while at Norwescon 32.

Left to Right: Fl Capt. Cathey Fuller, Captain Brian Pickett, Commander Kathi Pickett, 

Lt. Jr. Grade Amy Johnson, 2nd Lt. Karl Clark, 2nd Lt. C.P. Dalen, Lt. Jr. Grade Andy Burlew,

Crewman Phillip Buff, Ensign Charlie Kellner, Ensign Juanita Burlew, Lt. Jr. Grade Gary "Rennifer" Bell.

Missing from picture: Ensign Alan Cortash.

Stardate 200901.18

Members of the USS Aurora visit with members of the USS Thermopylae at their monthly meeting. 

Stardate 200901.01

The USS Aurora Newsletter, The Aurora's Signal, goes live.


Stardate 200812.18

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry passes away, leaving the fans of the Star Trek universe saddened.


Stardate 200810.18

Members and friends of the USS Aurora gather at West Seattle Bowl for the first Red Shirts v.s. Death faceoff. The Red Shirts were led by Commander Brian Pickett, and Death was led by Lt. Commander Kathi Pickett. The Death team won but not by much!

Commander Pickett with "Commander Camdar", the Red Shirts Mascot

Stardate 200809.20

The USS Aurora is officially commissioned. Fleet Captain Cathey Fuller and Colonel Joe Fuller attended the ceremonial dinner with the crew of the USS Aurora, along with members of the USS Thermopylae and the USS Daniel Soul. Promotions were awarded to all members of the USS Aurora;

CO Brian Pickett promoted to Commander

XO Kathi Pickett promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Ships Counselor Amy Johnson promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Chief of Security Andy Burlew promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Chief Medical Officer Juanita Burlew promoted to Ensign

Officer In Charge of the USS Aurora's Marines, the Firebirds, Karl Clark promoted to Second Lieutenant.

Photos to be posted later.


Stardate 200808.19

The word is given; the USS Aurora has officially been registered and has launched as a chapter in training.


Stardate 200808.06

Work continues towards a unique logo for the USS Aurora. The current version is below:


Bear in mind that the lettering issues are due to the program being used, and are a complete mystery to the XO, who is designing the piece. Comments not about the lettering please address to the CO and XO using the e-mail on the contact page.


Stardate 200807.29

Word has reached us that our VRR paperwork has been forwarded on to STARFLEET'S ShOCK Ops for approval. With any luck, we are soon to be a Chapter in Training!


Stardate 200807.08

Our VRR (Vessel Registration Request Form) has been put in the mail to go to Admiral Jeffrey Higdon, of the USS Black Hawk, our mother ship. From here it goes to our Regional Coordinator, to his Regional Coordinator, and finally to STARFLEET itself for approval. This may take several weeks, but once it is complete, we will have Launched, and will be a Shuttlecraft, or a Chapter in Training.


Stardate 200806.22

By order of Starfleet Command, Department of Technical Services, the
following starship is hereby authorized to you and your crew:

Name: U.S.S. Aurora
Vessel Class/Type: Nova-Class Science Scout
Registry: NCC-72707

Upon receiving confirmation from Starfleet Operations regarding final
commissioning and first assignment orders, you will proceed with all due
haste to the Aurora's current assigned spacedock berth to board and assume
operational command.

In the interim, please take the time to familiarize yourself with all design
specifications and operating parameters for U.S.S. Aurora, in order to
assure a smooth deployment when the time comes.

All best to you and your crew...

In Service...

Admiral Alex Rosenzweig
Director, Department of Technical Services
Director, Office of Technical Information