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Comic for August 2006        THE VERY FIRST FILLER

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Filler Pages: The Cruise

Thank you for being patient!

While I try to recall all those funny ideas on where I was going with the Changes bit, I thought I'd share some of the silly sketches I made during my cruise back in June/July of this year.

In this case, I'm showing one of the things that happened first after I boarded. Required on either your first day, or at a time on the second day of the cruise for late boarders, is the emergency drill, formally the lifeboat drill. In my case, I had to take up the life jacket left on my bed and carry it to the Shooting Star Lounge, where Ash, the Sports Activities Director from Great Britain, entertained us and talked to us before the Captain addressed us from the bridge with instructions on what to do and expect in the case of an emergency. Then Ash oversaw us putting on our life jackets.

I followed all the instructions to the letter, and got praised for doing it so quickly. Then, later while I waited for the ship to depart port, he passed by and recognized me for the same accomplishment. For some reason it made me feel good.

So, later during the cruise, while taking a quiet moment, I sketched this and other amusing bits about my experiences. So I thought I'd share.